247Sports reaches 12.6 million comScore uniques in November

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Pleased to report that 247Sports set an all-time company record of 12,562,000 unique users during the month of November 2014, according to third-party source comScore.

For perspective: (all comScore data)

– 247Sports reached 5.00% of the total United States internet audience (251,000,000)

– 247Sports unique users were 4.5 times larger than Rivals.com (2,810,000) and 73% larger than Scout.com (7,086,000).

– 247Sports surpassed previous high of 11,970,000 unique users in October 2014

– 247Sports was 13.8% the size of ESPN.com, which led the Sports category with 90,817,000 unique users

More news:

– December is pacing toward another traffic record. Through 15 days of December 2014, 247Sports unique users are tracking 15% higher, with page views up 32% sequentially (according to internal data).

– In September 2014, 247Sports launched a Daily Email Newsletters for 20+ college and NFL teams. In three months, the free Daily Newsletter product is now distributed to more than 600,000 active recipients.

247Sports hits 11.970 million unique users according to comScore

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.59.59 PM

Incredibly excited to report that 247Sports set an all-time high of 11.970 million unique users during the month of October 2014, according to third party source comScore.

For perspective: (all comScore data)

– 247Sports ranked #11 overall in the sports category
— 247Sports unique users were 13.5% of the industry leader ESPN.com (89.064 million)
— 247Sports passed Deadspin.com, HuffPost Sports and NHL Network
— 247Sports was 4.1 times larger than Rivals.com (2.865 million) and 67% larger than Scout.com (7.166 million)
— 247Sports reached almost 5% of the total United States audience (4.8% of 250.6 million)

November 2014 is off to a terrific start (through 18 days, according to internal data from google analytics), pacing at 27.50% higher than October 2014.

– YOY unique users up 513%
— YOY page views up 75%
— Sequential unique users up 27.50% (compared to same period during record Oct 2014)
— Sequential page views up 22.12%

Three lessons from Coach Don Meyer

ImageI gathered with former teammates, coaches and supporters of the Lipscomb Basketball community Sunday at Allen Arena to pay respects to Coach Don Meyer and his family.

Coach Meyer has been a central influence in my life for the past 30 years. I was blessed to play for Coach during his epic Lipscomb run. While I didn’t always practice what he preached, I did my best to take his principles forward in the organizations I’ve led over the past two decades.

It is safe to say Coach Meyer’s influence was baked into our culture with everything we tried to do at Rivals.com – and are now doing at 247Sports.

I could write a book on what I learned from Coach – and I may do that someday. For now, I’ve narrowed it down to my top three most important lessons:

  1. “Get In, or Get Out”

After beating rival Belmont on Jan. 29, 1990, Coach Meyer drew a circle on the whiteboard after the game. “Get in, or get out.”

What Coach Meyer knew well before Jim Collins penned it in his best-selling book is “good is the enemy of great.”

It is much harder for most people to handle success than deal with adversity.

As soon as we have some degree of success or achievement, we have a tendency to become complacent, selfish, not as focused and start allowing outside influences (family, friends) to dictate our actions.

Coach knew that the greatest threats to successful organizations where from within. He always made it a point to emphasize, “no one was bigger than the team.”

Get in, or get out.

  1. “Hard, Smart and Together”

Whether it was a central theme of Coach Meyer’s teachings or just something that resonated with me personally, the phrase “play hard, smart and together” filled my player notebooks from 1988-92.

From the inception of 247Sports in August 2010, we tagged “work hard, smart and together” in most of our internal memos and public messages.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve learned there is no greater challenge as a leader than getting an organization to consistently work hard, smart and together.

1) Hard because it takes daily and consistent effort to reach a goal
2) Smart because we need to execute a common plan
3) Together because excellence can only be achieved when everyone is working toward a goal greater than self.

Coach frequently quoted John Wooden’s, “happiness begins where selfishness ends,” because he knew that it takes an unselfish person to work hard, smart and together.

  1. The journey is better than the inn

Spanish novelist and poet Miguel de Cervantes, who is best known for his novel Don Quixote, said, “the journey is better than the inn.”

If I learned anything from Coach, it was that the treasures of life come from the experiences, trials and hard work to get to your destination – not the destination itself.

Coach Meyer was able to sustain greatness for such a long period of time because his “Super Bowl” was working hard, smart and together on a daily basis.

He competed just as hard during a Monday morning practice as he did in front of a sold-out arena against his archrival.

It was that passion to “do the next right thing, right” that fueled him to reach the top of Wooden’s Pyramid – “Competitive Greatness.”

247Sports has record traffic month


247Sports set a record for users in May 2014.

247Sports generated 5.453 million unique users during the month of May 2014, surpassing the previous high of 4.605 million in January 2014.

  • In May 2014, users were up 142.09% compared to May 2013.
  • May 2014 surpassed Jan 2014 totals by 18.43%. It should be noted that January is seasonally the highest traffic month in our industry, while May is the lowest. In previous years, May traffic was expected to be between 25-40% lower than the previous January.

May’s disproportionate traffic growth coincided with 247Sports’ new platform which featured Bolts — an integrated news product that allows fans to get all the scoop and news on their favorite teams. Bolts is currently in an editorial and technology beta phase with a full release scheduled by the start of football season. We expect traffic trends to continue.

Traffic Data Source: Google Analytics




247Sports to launch new platform on Thursday


We are excited to announce that on Thursday at 11:59 p.m. (Central) 247Sports will start the process of launching our next generation network platform.

The new infrastructure has been in development over the past 12 months and will allow 247Sports to aggressively release new products.

We had originally planned to release the platform in August 2013, but decided to spend more time in development and not risk downtime or user interruption during the high traffic football/basketball season leading up to National Signing Day.

The new platform includes updated message boards, improved administrative tools, Community Threads and our new short-form news feed that we call Bolts.

Noah will follow up with full details on the new product enhancements, but here are a few tidbits:

Bolts: Short form content in a feed format.

The idea is to have a single feed of original and curated content that gives users/fans all the news on their favorite teams and athletes. For so long, our great content from experts has been hidden in the message boards or in long-form articles. We will continue focusing on articles, updates and boards, but will be adding a news feed that fans can check frequently for the latest news and info on everything concerning their team. We are releasing a beta version with a full release in Summer 2014. Bolts will easily convert into an app and allow for 247Sports to go beyond college and recruiting coverage.

Integrated Publishing:

247Sports has created a revolutionary (for our industry) publishing platform that allows experts, moderators and curators to post short form updates (Bolts) directly to the message boards, front page, social media and the network-wide Bolt feeds from a single interface. This allows reporters to work more efficiently and insures that fans/users can easily get the news on their teams.

Community Threads:

When we released All-Access VIP (AAVIP) in 2013, we had Community Threads in mind. With Community Threads, admins will be able to launch message board threads on multiple sites and allow conversation to take place among different fanbases. Users from different message boards will be able to engage in a single topic without leaving their home message boards.

Message Board Enhancements:

Noah will have the full scoop of the board enhancements in an update on Thursday, but several popular features added with this release include: Twitter and Instagram embed in post, video and image vault, multi-quote, flag post, and other administrative functions.


It is an exciting time to work at 247Sports. We are now in the product phase of our business. Our team has spent the past three years laying the groundwork so that we could get to this stage – creating products and services we believe will define our category for years to come, while also allowing us to expand our coverage and take advantage of more mainstream opportunities.

We have one more significant hurdle, and we respectfully ask for your help.

As I mentioned above, the team will begin the infrastructure release Thursday night just before midnight Central. This is the most significant release in our company’s history; every administrative function has been rewritten to the new platform.

We have tested the platform for many months, but there are aspects we cannot replicate in a test environment. We ask for your patience following the release as we work through anticipated bugs and potentially an unstable environment. Our team has a plan in place to deal with the issues as they arise, but we anticipate a somewhat unstable environment for 5-10 days.

We ask for your understanding as we migrate to the new platform. The immediate benefits and schedule of new products and message board enhancements coming this spring and summer will make this obstacle well worth the minimal nuisance.

Again, thank you for your support and belief in 247Sports. We are committed to bringing fans great editorial products and services and will continue to work overtime to create the best content and experience possible.



BOOM! POW! ComicBook.com crushes traffic goals in March

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.53.03 AM

Behind increasing popularity in AMC’s hit television show, The Walking Dead, and increased content focus, ComicBook.com crushed traffic goals during the month of March 2014.

– ComicBook.com registered a record 2.712 million unique visitors, a 313.22% increase over the same period in 2013

– ComicBook.com grew page views by 343.86% in March

– ComicBook.com reached ~20,000 concurrent user sessions during the month

– ComicBook.com surpassed its previous high month for traffic (Nov 2013: 1.693 million uniques) by 60.19%

ComicBook.com was founded October 31, 2012 and was reorganized in January 2014. The company plans to relaunch in May 2014 with an increased emphasis on expanded coverage, new social media initiatives and a next generation publishing platform, with proprietary products to enhance fan experience as they follow their favorite superhero/comic book inspired television shows, movies, video games and more.


247Sports reaches traffic milestones & team site superlatives

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 7.08.16 AM

Highlighted by an ultra successful National Signing Day 2014, 247Sports continues to earn market share, meeting traffic and new member goals in February 2014.

February 2014 Notes:

– Through the first two months of 2014 (Jan & Feb), 247Sports registered 250.9 million page views.

– Registered 4.01 million unique visitors in February 2014, after recording a company best 4.61 million in January 2014.

– Registered 30% YOY growth in unique visitors and page views in February 2014.

As previously noted, a few NSD 2014 Highlights:

– Reached a single day record 1.033 million unique visitors on NSD 2014, a 49.68% increase over NSD 2013.

– Recorded 14.9 million pageviews (all-time high), up 66.55% over NSD 2013.

February’s Super 12 Team Sites

Gold Medal

1). Dawgs247 (Georgia) … breakout month for traffic and new member growth … registered 130.75% growth in unique visitors and 126.35% growth in page views in February 2014 vs Feb 2013 … moved up to the 9th largest traffic site in 247Sports network.

Silver Medal

2). Lions247 (Penn State) … continues as one of the fastest growing team sites in the industry … registered 94.40% growth in unique visitors and 114.69% growth in page views in February 2014 vs. Feb 2013 … ranked the 6th largest traffic site and 10th largest subscription site.

Bronze Medal

3). Geaux247 (LSU) … moved up to 13th largest traffic site in 247Sports network, after registering 192.10% growth in unique visitors and 91.27% growth in page views in February 2014 … now the 9th largest member site in the network.

Other winners.

4). Gigem247 (Texas A&M) … moved up to the 12th largest traffic site in 247Sports network … recorded 74.50% growth in unique visitors and 89.53% growth in page views.

5). TheBigSpur (South Carolina) … breakout month with unique visitor growth of 64.56% and page view growth of 23.15% … finished February as the 5th largest traffic site and subscription site.

6). Bucknuts (Ohio State) … led the network in page views in February, beating its peer team site BamaOnLine (Alabama) by more than 14%. Bucknuts remains one of the iconic team sites in our industry and one of the top 5 largest overall team sites, regardless of network … ranked no. 1 subscription site.

7). Vandy247 (Vanderbilt) … breakout month and quickly becoming the market leading site … grew unique visitors by 205.29% and page views by 295.83% in February 2014.

8). Badger247 (Wisconsin) … reached a major traffic milestone in February 2014, registering 155.54% page view growth … moved up to the 23rd largest traffic site in the network.

9). Horns247 (Texas) … registered 40.65% growth in page views in February 2014 … 7th largest traffic and member site in the network.

10). VTScoop (Virginia Tech) … registered 66.17% unique visitor and 65.60% page view growth in February 2014 … 19th largest traffic site in the network.

11). OUInsider (Oklahoma) … starting to breakout and return to prominence in our industry … Moved up to no. 16th largest traffic site in the network after registering 46.85% unique visitor growth in February 2014 … 8th largest member site in the network.

12). HuskersIllustrated (Nebraska) … breakout month with 72.16% growth in unique visitors and 36.48% growth in page views.


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